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2.  Full Name

2. Full Name

3.  Zip Code

3. Zip Code

I need your zip code to give you a more accurate calculation of your energy needs for your area and weather conditions.

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4. Email Address

I need your email to send back drawings and requiremens for your building.
If you do not have an email address, please list your mailing address in the comments box so I can send it by regular mail.

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5. Phone

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6.  Comments / Measurements

6. Comments / Measurements

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If you have a sketch or blueprints of the Kennel building or other buildings you want us to calculate the requirements for the infrared heat in that building, you can upload a file below.

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7. File Upload

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Assure Pet Products
Susan Develops All Natural Products for Pet Industry

Susan Develops All Natural Products for Pet Industry

  • Breeder Developed
  • Breeder Tested
  • USA Made with Love
"Assure" is Breeder Developed All Natural Pet Products

"Assure" is Breeder Developed All Natural Pet Products

Susan Sinclair’s ASSURE for Dogs came from a desire to help my dogs teeth stay clean in a way that was convenient for my dogs and myself.  As a lifelong dog owner turned professional breeder (for almost 10 years now)  I understand the importance of mouth health in my dogs being as important as oral health in people, but brushing my dog’s teeth regularly was time consuming, and I sometimes did not have time to care for their teeth the way I wanted.  So I did some research and was encouraged, then I did more research.  I had found some products on the market that looked easy to use but their ingredients were not safe for my breeding dogs.   Some had information to call poison control if ingested.  I sure didn’t want that for my dogs.  After many hours of research and development with Divine help I have created a mouth spray that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE for my breeding dogs with results that are truly amazing.

Assure Dental Spray - Canine

Assure Dental Spray - Canine

All Natural Dental Spray designed to freshen a dog's breath and to gradually clean tarter and plaque from teeth. Older dogs are under too much strain to go to the vet for a cleaning. Prevent dental vet cleanings by using Assure dental spray every 3-4 days.
Results can be seen in 30-60 days when used regularly. Save money and get yours today. Your dog will thank you, and so will everyone he wants to kiss.

Some breeders have used this spray more aggressively on dogs with problem issues with plaque. Spray 1 pump each day for the first week and you will see an improvement, decrease frequency as problem is being resolved.
Dont forget that maintenance pump to keep their teeth clean and problem free.

Assure Wood Aid - Canine

Assure Wood Aid - Canine

Assure Wood Aid is designed to assist breeders in collecting their males for insemination. Scent simulated female in heat.

Assure Products

Assure Products

Assure Dental Spray - CanineAssure Dental Spray - CanineAll Natural Dental Spray for Dogs. Clean bad teeth and gums with one pump every 3-4 days. Side benefit, will also help with bad breath. 

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Assure Wood Aid - CanineAssure Wood Aid - CanineWOOD AID is easy to use and simulates a female dog being in season to aid in the collection of sperm for Artificial Insemination.