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Free Kennel Design


In order to submit this request you will need to do the following;

1. after entering information [press NEXT]

2. this page shows information to be submitted [can go "UPDATE" to edit changes] or [press DONE]

3. now to send - MUST [press SUBMIT] or go to PREVIOUS  to change or add information.
2.  Full Name

2. Full Name

3.  Zip Code

3. Zip Code

I need your zip code to give you a more accurate calculation of your energy needs for your area and weather conditions.

4.  Email Address

4. Email Address

I need your email to send back drawings and requiremens for your building.
If you do not have an email address, please list your mailing address in the comments box so I can send it by regular mail.

5.  Phone

5. Phone

If you do not have a phone number, enter your message number and state that this is a message number in the comments box. And best time to reach you.

6.  Comments / Measurements

6. Comments / Measurements

If you have only measurements, enter them in this box.
If you have a sketch or blueprints of the Kennel building or other buildings you want us to calculate the requirements for the infrared heat in that building, you can upload a file below.

7.  File Upload

7. File Upload

Click to upload a file
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Infrared Heat Temp Gun

Infrared Heat Temp Gun

Infrared Heat Temp Gun
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Infrared Laser Temperature Gun

✔ Unique Color screen display, ken is limpid, is clear at a glance.
✔ 12 point aperture let you know the area of surface be tested directly and automatically locks the D:S to 12:1
✔ Find the temperature abnormality in real time and locate the fault quickly.
✔ Emissivity can be adjusted from 0.10 to 1.00
✔ Can freely switch Celsius and Fahrenheit
✔ Turn on or off Backlight and Laser Independently

◀ Laser target pointer: Circle
◀ Emissivity: 0.10~1.00
◀ Accuracy: ±1% or 1°C
◀ Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1
◀ Response Time: <500ms
◀ Spectral Response: 8~14um
◀ IRT Temperature: -50°C~550°C/-58°F~1022°F
◀ °C/°F: √
◀ MAX: √
◀ Hold: √
◀ Backlight: √
◀ Auto Power Off: √
◀ Low Battery Indication: √
◀ Temperature Bridge Alarm: √
◀ Power Choice: 9V Battery (Included), or AAA vattery (Not Included)
◀ Dimensions: 5.74 x 3.14 x 1.49 inch
◀ Case color varies
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