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Farm Animals
  • Goats
  • Calves
  • Sheep
  • Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Poultry
  • Horses
Heat Lamp CAUTION !

Heat Lamp CAUTION !

Common heat lamps are often blamed for barn fires, scorched wool, and over heating.


Infrared heat panels are a safe source of heat in goat pens. 
  • When kidding, wet baby goats won't get chilled.
  • Infrared is known for its healing properties if you have slow or sick goats.
  • Goats need Infrared heat in winter climates in their housing. Keep them warm without overheating them.
Infrared Panels are Safe, have a low fire risk, are built with a closed aluminum housing, no filaments, flames, heat elements, fans or moving parts for dust or bedding to compromise function.


Save your calves from hypothermia, you don't need to bring them in the house any more.

In extremely cold conditions, Cattlemen often look for ways to warm up wet calves during freezing temps. Whether in a pickup, a bathtub, or in front of a fire, ... But sometimes first calf heifers will not take their calf back once you have taken it from her.

You no longer need to bring in your calves that are suffering from hypothermia to warm them up. With Infrared heat panels, simply put the cow and her calf in a stall with an infrared heat panel. The infrared heat is invisible light which is body penetrating heat. Your calf will warm up faster, even if wet. Far-Infrared heat will penetrate the muscles and increase circulation safely. Guaranteeing mom to have the chance to do her job and clean up the calf herself without worrying about freezing to the ground.


Lambing in barn with safe infrared heat will be less stressful. 

Sheep need extra help staying warm in extreme weather conditions.
  • If fleece coat is thin,
  • 4H or FFA project lambs with trimmed fleece
  • While lambing,
Lambing in bad weather can be less stressful when housing sheep in barn with infrared heat panels. These panels are safe around straw bedding. Lose fewer lambs.
Warm lambs will grow faster, they are not using their energy to generate heat when under Infrared heated panels. Infrared will increase circulation, lambs will be more active.


Infrared heat in your farrowing barn is a healthier option for both sow and pigletts. Infrared heat won't sunburn your pigs.

Pigs have been sensitive to various types of heat bulbs. If heat lamps were too close to the skin of light colored pigs, they got sunburnt. 
Far-Infrared heat panels are safe for pigs.
  • will not sunburn pigletts
  • will not spark or ignite any collected methane gas.
  • energy efficient
  • keep piglets warn
Farrowing barns can benefit from Infrared heat panels by providing a confortable heat for suckling pigs. Warm pigletts will grow faster.

Show pigs will benefit also from Infrared heat during the winter months.


Provide a healthy and safe heat for your rabbits without drafts or hot/cold spots. Less coughing.

Rabbits will benefit in the winter months from having a constant temperature. Infrared will prevent drafts when installed properly. Rabbits do better when fluctuating  tempratures are eliminated. Infrared heat panels will maintain a constant temperature throughout the entire rabbitry.
Kits will not chill as easily if Doe did not pull hair, or had them on the wire.

Smaller breeds of Rabbits do not have the body mass to handle the colder temperatures like the large breeds do. 


Infrared Heat to brood your chicks will provide you with warm healthy chicks that can also sleep at night.

Infrared Heated Panels are energy efficient, have a very low fire risk, portable, no bulbs to burn out, provides heat right where you need it, where the chicks are, not at the ceiling.

Poultry houses using Infrared heat will use less energy than gas radiant heaters. It will put the heat were you need it. Also use it in areas humans need heat.

Using Infrared heat as a brooder heater will allow chicks to sleep at night. It is a safe body penetrating heat for chicks. Infrared heat is invisible light.

Backyard Chicken Coops are a good place to use a single panel placed where your birds have a choice to warm up when needed.

Your game bird farms can also benefit from the Infrared Heat panels in their operations. 

Whether you have a backyard operation or a commercial sized operation, Infrared Heaters can do the job well.


Infrared Heat is a great addition to your stable. After a winter workout, horses can benefit from the warming effects and increased cirulation which will accelerate the recovery and healing time.
Horses can use heat in their stalls,
  • whether they are older horses with typical issues of joint stiffness or muscle aches
  • young colts 
  • show horses with a short winter coat
  • working horses returning from working in cold temperature
  • race horses after a workout to prevent chilling and increase circulation
Riding arenas with infrared heating panels will be a warmer environment for both horse and rider during the winter months.

At horse shows, panels can be set up in staging or tack areas for a comfortable space between events or for visiting after show with friends.

Or use on horses in their stalls when air temps drop which they are not use to.