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How to keep your calves warm
The Reason Why Infrared Works for Your Calves ....
  • If temperatures reach below thermal neutral zone the calf must divert energy to maintain the optimal body temperature (Stull and Reynolds, 2008).
  • If calves are immediately removed from their mother’s post-partum, studies have shown that infrared heaters for the first 24 hours of life can reduce the dramatic change in temperature. The infrared heaters seemed to have a benefit on the calf’s overall health and adaptation to the new environment. The calves under heaters also spent less energy trying to stay warm, and more energy improving and developing their respiratory and digestive systems (Nagy, 2009).
Maintaining thermal neutral ...

Maintaining thermal neutral ...

  • Maintaining adequate thermal neutral is key in a calf’s life so they can continue to grow and stay healthy. (Hill et al., 2011).
  • Thermal neutral zone is the optimal temperature ranging from 59°F to 77°F for calves up to three weeks of age.  After three weeks of age, calves are more competent to withstand temperatures as low as of 41°F (Drackley,2008)
Using Infrared to help maintain a healthy environment for the new calves will raise the temp of calf and reduce the need for those additional feedings to maintain adequate daily gain. IR panels can be used effectively to maintain environment @ 50 or higher, depending on their environment. Any increase in temp with help the calf to be able to achieve better growth rates.

Compare cost of electric, or diesel, if generator powered, vs cost of limited daily gain and/or extra milk replacer to achieve desired weight gain.
  • Far-Infrared is body penetrating heat which is extremely healthy and increases circulation. 
  • Infrared heat will also provide a healthier environment from a biological standpoint.
  • Aluminun Infrared heat panels are safe for livestock bedding areas, panels do not get hot enough to be combustable.
  • Maintenance free infrared panels can also be portable if need be.
  • Available in 8 sizes and wattages
January 1, 2020 issue pg 48 "Give calves the energy ..." Progressive Dairy
Infrared on calves

Infrared on calves

"Far-infrared" heat is the most effective at being absorbed, providing a deep and natural sensation of warmth without causing irritation. Where "heat lamps, near-infrared" are not safe by any means, only provide external heat.
Far infrared is the type of heat that we emit ourselves, and it’s so gentle that it’s used in incubators for infant animals and even new-born babies. You can rigged up a far-infrared panel heater to provide heat for new born calves. 
If you set up a warming station, I recommend placing heater about 4 ft above bedding, will give you adequite clearance and heat for calves underneath it. Also it will not harm calf if they touch surface.
Infrared reduces the stress of being cold, help calf relax with that sense of warmth and security so it can get comfortable and sleep which reduces calorie burn and energy needed to stay warm.
Content, stress free happy calves are Healthy Calves!

January 19, pg 10 "Ask A Vet - Cold Stress In Calves"  Progressive Dairy

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Product List

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150 watt Infrared Heat Panel

150 watt Infrared Heat Panel

This is a 150 watt infrared panel the size is 12" x 14.4".   It comes with a 5 ft cord. This panel would be great in calf hutches enclosed in moderate winter climates.
275 watt Infrared Heat Panel

275 watt Infrared Heat Panel

This 275 watt Infrared Panel is 20" x 20", comes with a 5 ft cord. Its suggested uses would be individual calf pens, hutches, igloos, and warming stations. Recommend placing it above animals at aprox 4 ft. 
300 watt Infrared Heat Panel

300 watt Infrared Heat Panel

This Infrared Heating panels is 14.4" x 24" and puts out 300 watts of energy.  It comes with a 5 ft cord.
Recommended placement calf hutches, individual pens, igloos in colder climents, or where ever a square panel just won't fit.
400 watt infrared heat panel

400 watt infrared heat panel

This 400 watt panels is 24" x 24", comes with a 5 ft cord.  This panel can be used as an individual heater or for a small group of calves. It can be suspended higher than 4 ft. It can be used with a group of heaters to heat several group pens.  In a well insulated building, this heater would heat up to a 10 ft  x 10 ft room.  This panel is available in several voltages. A wash-down panel is also available in this size.
550 watt Infrared Heat Panel

550 watt Infrared Heat Panel

This Infrared Heat Panel is 550 watts and 20" x 41", comes with a 5 ft cord.  This panel due to its size has many other applications, warming station, work station, dairy kitchen, vet area, group calf pens, calf barns, in combination with other panels, etc.
750 watt infrared heating panel

750 watt infrared heating panel

The 750 watt Infrared Heating Panel is 2 ft x 4 ft, it also comes with a 5 ft cord. These larger panels are usually installed with a group of panels depending on size of area. It can also be used alone. A string of these panels can be suspended over group calf pens, loafing barns, milking parlors, or any place you need to heat up. This is availabe in several voltages, And a wash-down panel is also available in this size.
1100 watt infrared heating panel

1100 watt infrared heating panel

The 1100 watt panel is our largest panel. It is 42" x 42", also comes with a 5 ft cord. It is available in several voltage.
It also comes in the 2 ft x 4 ft size as a [High intensity] panel. Usually these panels are used in combination with others to heat a large area.
All panels come with a 25 year warranty, and are Made in the USA.


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  • Drackley, J. 2008. Calf nutrition from birth to breeding. Vet. Clin. North America: Food Anim. Practice. 24: 55-86.
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