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Infrared Heat to brood your chicks will provide you with warm healthy chicks that can also sleep at night.

Infrared Heated Panels are energy efficient, have a very low fire risk, portable, no bulbs to burn out, provides heat right where you need it, where the chicks are, not at the ceiling.

Poultry houses using Infrared heat will use less energy than gas radiant heaters. It will put the heat were you need it. Also use it in areas humans need heat.

Using Infrared heat as a brooder heater will allow chicks to sleep at night. It is a safe body penetrating heat for chicks. Infrared heat is invisible light.

Backyard Chicken Coops are a good place to use a single panel placed where your birds have a choice to warm up when needed.

Chicks are 6 weeks old.

Your game bird farms can also benefit from the Infrared Heat panels in their operations. 

Whether you have a backyard operation or a commercial sized operation, Infrared Heaters can do the job well.
Product List - Smaller Panels

Product List - Smaller Panels

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I raised 115 chicks in April, under a 400 watt panel, in a 45* basement without any other heat source. I was impressed at how content the chicks were. Never panting from being too hot, or Never huddling due to being cold. It kept their brooder space 75*.
Left image has a 400 watt panel over them. Right image has a 275 watt panel over feeding area. 

First day out at 4 weeks to date. I think they grew faster.    Therese