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In order to submit this request you will need to do the following;

1. after entering information [press NEXT]

2. this page shows information to be submitted [can go "UPDATE" to edit changes] or [press DONE]

3. now to send - MUST [press SUBMIT] or go to PREVIOUS  to change or add information.
2.  Full Name

2. Full Name

3.  Zip Code

3. Zip Code

I need your zip code to give you a more accurate calculation of your energy needs for your area and weather conditions.

4.  Email Address

4. Email Address

I need your email to send back drawings and requiremens for your building.
If you do not have an email address, please list your mailing address in the comments box so I can send it by regular mail.

5.  Phone

5. Phone

If you do not have a phone number, enter your message number and state that this is a message number in the comments box. And best time to reach you.

6.  Comments / Measurements

6. Comments / Measurements

If you have only measurements, enter them in this box.
If you have a sketch or blueprints of the Kennel building or other buildings you want us to calculate the requirements for the infrared heat in that building, you can upload a file below.

7.  File Upload

7. File Upload

Click to upload a file
Our List of Products
Our Kennel Products

Our Kennel Products

Assure Dental Spray - CanineAssure Dental Spray - CanineAll Natural Dental Spray for Dogs. Clean bad teeth and gums with one pump every 3-4 days. Side benefit, will also help with bad breath. 

Click [more info] to add + single bottles or cases to cart.
Assure Wood Aid - CanineAssure Wood Aid - CanineWOOD AID is easy to use and simulates a female dog being in season to aid in the collection of sperm for Artificial Insemination.
Whelping KitWhelping KitThe Infrared Whelping Kit is a better way to keep the newborn pups at the optimum temperature.  To raise great quality healthy puppies, You first need to keep them alive and healthy with Therapeutic Far-Infrared heating panels.
Kit includes Panel, Rheostat & Temp gun.
Whelping Panels 275 wattWhelping Panels 275 watt

Use this product when purchasing additional whelping panels.
You will also need one rheostat for each additional panel.

Infrared Heating Panel - 400 WattInfrared Heating Panel - 400 WattThis infrared panel is 120 volts or 240 volts AC. It is 400 watts of energy. Dimensions are 24" x 24" x 1.5".
Infrared Heating Panel - 750 WattInfrared Heating Panel - 750 WattThis infrared panel uses 120 volts or 240 volts AC. It is 750 watts of energy. Dimensions are 24" x 48" 1.5". 
Infrared Heating Panel - 1100 WattInfrared Heating Panel - 1100 WattThis infrared panel uses 120 volts or 240 volts AC.  It is 1100 watts of energy. Dimensions are 42" x 42" x 1.5".
3.5 Amp Plug-In Rheostat3.5 Amp Plug-In RheostatPlug-In Rheostat - 2.5 amps

Use this rheostat to regulate whelping panel. Dial control from full 2.5 amps to 0 amps. More control for your moms comfort.
Infrared Heat Temp GunInfrared Heat Temp Gun

Great for checking different areas in your kennel, basement, house to see where there is an unexpected variation. 12:1 ratio.  Check to see thing that may be overheated or frozen. Wiring or Plumbing, Engines, etc.