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In order to submit this request you will need to do the following;

1. after entering information [press NEXT]

2. this page shows information to be submitted [can go "UPDATE" to edit changes] or [press DONE]

3. now to send - MUST [press SUBMIT] or go to PREVIOUS  to change or add information.
2.  Full Name

2. Full Name

3.  Zip Code

3. Zip Code

I need your zip code to give you a more accurate calculation of your energy needs for your area and weather conditions.

4.  Email Address

4. Email Address

I need your email to send back drawings and requiremens for your building.
If you do not have an email address, please list your mailing address in the comments box so I can send it by regular mail.

5.  Phone

5. Phone

If you do not have a phone number, enter your message number and state that this is a message number in the comments box. And best time to reach you.

6.  Comments / Measurements

6. Comments / Measurements

If you have only measurements, enter them in this box.
If you have a sketch or blueprints of the Kennel building or other buildings you want us to calculate the requirements for the infrared heat in that building, you can upload a file below.

7.  File Upload

7. File Upload

Click to upload a file


Prestyl Energy Group, LLC, hereinafter referred to as the “Company” warrants its FAR Infrared Radiant Heating 
Panels against all defects in materials and workmanship for a period of Twenty Five (25) years from the date of purchase, 
subject to the following terms and conditions: 
This warranty applies only for normal use of the product, and shall not be effective for products or parts which do 
not function properly due to misuse, alteration, accident, negligence, misapplication, modification, improper installation 
(including improper operating voltage) voltage spikes and surges, power outages and/or maintenance. This warranty 
extends only to the original owner. 
To obtain warranty service, contact the “Company” for a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form. Products 
returned without an RMA form will not be accepted. The “Company” will, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace 
the product at no expense to the owner, provided it Is returned to the “Company”, freight prepaid to the 
“Company” address as stated on the RMA request form using either its original box or suitable packaging. Products 
received with visible damage due to misuse or improper packaging are not eligible for warranty service and will be 
returned to the owner at the owner’s option and expense. 
If the “Company” determines that the warranty claim is valid, the “Company” will pay for the return shipping. If the 
failure is due to neglect, misuse or any other non-covered event, the owner will be notified and may elect to have the 
product disposed of, or repaired/replaced at his/her expense. All other incidental products including but not limited 
to thermostats, controllers, relays, etc. supplied by the “Company” will have a limited warranty of one year from the 
date of original purchase. and will either be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the “Company” subject to the 
terms and conditions as set forth below. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Prestyl Warranty

Prestyl Warranty